Pablo Brugarolas

Econ PhD candidate, Universitat de Girona (Spain)


I am a second-year PhD candidate in Economics working under the supervision of Sara Ayllón (University of Girona & IZA).

In January 2024, I will be joining LSE’s Department of Social Policy as a Visiting PhD Research Student, where I will have the opportunity to work with Almudena Sevilla (LSE & IZA).

I am passionately engaged in family economics, economics of human development, education economics, economics of poverty and inequality, and causal-inference methods. My thesis delves into the impacts of universal childcare policies. The first chapter uses modern meta-analysis techniques to analyze whether causal estimates of the impact of enrolling into universal childcare programs on children’s development are affected by publication bias. In the second chapter, I explore the effects of income-adjusted childcare fees on immigrant children’s enrollment in Catalonia, leveraging a staggered event study design. The third chapter assesses the long-term developmental returns of Barcelona’s public childcare expansion, using a recent difference-in-differences design for continuous treatments to compare health, education, and labor market achievements across children cohorts and districts.


Dec 19, 2023 Personal website is live!
Jul 10, 2023 New funding! INEQOP. Inequality and opportunities: The role of food insecurity, education and pro-social preferences, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (Role: team member).
Jun 13, 2023 New working paper! Ayllón, S.; Brugarolas, P.; Lado, S. (2023). ‘The level of inequality of opportunity in Spain: an estimation using Artificial Intelligence’, Papeles de Trabajo, Insituto de Estudios Fiscales, 06/2023

selected publications

  1. Work in progress
    Childcare Subsidization Models: Impact on Early Enrollment for Immigrant Children
    Sara Ayllón, and Pablo Brugarolas
    Work in progress, 2024
  2. Working Paper
    Publication Bias and the Benefits of Universal Childcare for Children: A Meta-Analysis
    Pablo Brugarolas
    Working paper, 2023